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Da Silva Surfschool Portugal

Da Silva Surfschool Portugal

With us – the Da Silva Surfschool Portugal – you can learn to surf easily and safely. We have the best surfing equipment for all levels and bring you to the most beautiful beaches with the best waves in Europe. You can also take part in our surf courses even though you are not a guest of the surf camp! We will be happy to pick you up free of charge at your holiday home, hotel, camping site or wherever else you are staying and bring you back after the surfing.

Qualified by the FPS

(Federação Portuguesa de Surf)

Since 2016 the Da Silva Surfcamp performs the surf classes with the internal Da Silva Surfschool and helps beginners and advanced surfers on the board.

Depending on the wave conditions and level of the students, the classes take place at different surf spots a maximum of 20 minutes drive from Praia da Areia Branca. It is important to note that these are beaches which are not as crowded as the famous beaches of Peniche.

The surf courses are usually held from Monday to Friday. However, some sessions may have to be cancelled due to weather or wave conditions. In this case, alternative activities are offered, such as excursions to the surrounding area, SUP sessions, skateboard sessions or similar.

At the end of the complete course (beginner and/or advanced) each student should be able to stand on the board (take-off) or surf in the unbroken part of the wave (green water). The individual successes depend heavily on the motivation, talent and general physical fitness of the student. The price includes bus shuttle, surfboard and wetsuit, theoretical and practical lessons and insurance.

Abhängig von Wellenkonditionen und Niveau der Schüler tut sie das an unterschiedlichen Surfspots maximal 20 Fahrminuten entfernt von Praia da Areia Branca. Dabei wird darauf geachtet, dass es sich um Strände handelt, die nicht so überlaufen sind, wie die bekannten Strände von Peniche.

Die Surfkurse gehen normalerweise von Montag bis Freitag. Es kann jedoch vorkommen, dass die eine oder andere Session aufgrund von Wetter- oder Wellenkonditionen ausfallen muss. In diesem Fall werden Ersatzaktivitäten, wie z.B. Ausflüge in die nähere Umgebung, SUP-Sessions, Skateboard-Sessions o.ä., angeboten.

Am Ende des kompletten Kurses (Anfänger und/oder Fortgeschrittene) sollte jeder Schüler das Stehen auf dem Brett (Take-off) respektive das Surfen im ungebrochenen Teil der Welle (Grünwasser) beherrschen. Die einzelnen Erfolge hängen stark von Motivation, Talent und der allgemeinen sportlichen Verfassung des Schülers ab. Im Preis enthalten sind der Busshuttle, Surfboard und Neoprenanzug, theoretischer und praktischer Unterricht und eine Versicherung.

Our ideology

The best surfer is the one having the most fun.


Surf Classes Prices

The price includes the bus shuttle, surfboard and wetsuit, theoretical and practical lessons and insurance.

Low Season:

1/11 – 31/3

1 Tag / 2 Sessions: 50€
5 Tage / 10 Sessions: 200 €
10 Tage / 20 Sessions: 380 €
Mid Season*

1/4 – 15/7 & 1/10 – 31/10

1 Tag / 2 Sessions: 50€
5 Tage / 10 Sessions: 220 €
10 Tage / 20 Sessions: 400 €
High Season*

16/7 – 30/9

1 Tag / 2 Sessions: 60 €
5 Tage / 10 Sessions: 240 €
10 Tage / 20 Sessions: 420 €
1 week/ 5 days surf classes including:

– 10 x 2 hours intensive surf course (2 hours per session / 2 sessions per day)
– complete surf equipment (surfboard, leash, wetsuit) during the course
– Shuttle bus to the beaches with the best waves in our area
– Final BBQ with campfire at the surf camp

– Theory of weather, tides, currents and waves
– Instruction in the matter (surfing material)
– safety regulations
– Right of way in water
– paddling, sitting, turning
– Surfing in the white part of the wave

– Surf the green part of the wave
– Duck Dive
– first surfing maneuvers
– advanced technology
– Surf front & backside
– Style improvement

Recently we have started to offer you the possibility to combine the Da Silva Surfschool with guided mountain bike tours. Sounds interesting? For more information, see Da Silva Mountainbiking.

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