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The west coast of Portugal is undoubtedly a surfing paradise. Wonderful beaches and first-class surf spots attract many surfers from all over the world. But many don’t know yet that our coastline is also perfect for mountain biking!

Storming Portugal by MTBike

The near surroundings of our surf camp offer a huge playground with countless beautiful mountain bike trails. There are tours through the rustic hinterland past vineyards and olive groves, where you rarely meet other people. It is more likely to drive past a donkey cart or to see a lonely farmer working on his field in the distance. Other tours take you over narrow single trails directly along the cliffs and offer breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean. Some Secret Surfspot has already been discovered in this way. With our shuttle bus we also take you to much higher mountains, which are perfect for unforgettable day trips. There you will also find developed downhill tracks and a bunch of challenging single trails for every taste. In any case, you get to know Portugal in a special way on all tours. We would like to bring the country, the people and their culture closer to you. The athletic demands are not neglected. There is always some adventure and adrenaline with you.


High Level CUBE Full Suspension Mountainbikes (29 inch wheels). Helmets available.

Please bring your own backpack with water, fruit and some cereal bars.


In spring and autumn we have the best weather for mountain biking. Not too hot, but warm enough to be on the road in shorts. While you are waiting for the summer at home, here you can enjoy unforgettable MTB tours in wonderful weather.


Surf & Mountainbike-Package

The combination of surfing and mountain biking! Ideal for every surfer who also wants to go mountain biking on holiday and for every mountain biker who also wants to surf on holiday. The good thing about it: You can arrange the days in such a way that you can surf with good waves and on the other days you can go on the MTB Trails. 3 days of surfing, 3 days of mountain biking, want more in one week?

from 470 €  per week

Low Season

1/11 -31/3

Multiple: 470 €
Double: 505 €
Ensuite / Tiny House: 540 €
Single: 645 €
Mid Season

1/4 – 30/6 & 1/ – 31/10

Multiple: 505 €
Double: 540 €
Ensuite / Tiny House: 575 €
Single: 715 €
High Season

1/7 – 30/9

Multiple: 570 €
Double: 605 €
Ensuite / Tiny House: 640 €
Single: 815 €

We look forward to a pleasant time with you!

Shred on and until then!

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